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Cramorant is back, baby

The Pokémon Presents livestream on Tuesday morning was pretty mid. We knew that the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC

The Pokémon Presents livestream on Tuesday morning was pretty mid. We knew that the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC was coming, and I still refuse to learn what Pokémon Café Remix is, why they're turning Tatsugiri into sushi, and how to reconcile the ethics of Pokémon in-universe. N64's Pokémon Stadium 2 coming to is nice, but the biggest surprise among today's load of announcements? Cramorant is , baby.

In an anticipated announcement, the Pokémon Company revealed that the first installment of the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, will be released on September 13. As usual, the trailer for the expansion reveals some points — in this upcoming installment, The Teal Mask, we'll journey to Kitakami, a mountain town that's its annual festival. But more importantly, in a split second clip the trailer, we learn that Cramorant lives in Kitakami.

Cramorant was introduced in the previous main series Pokémon games, Pokémon Sword & Shield, and became a quick fan favorite because it's weird as hell. Based off of a cormorant, Cramorant has a special ability called Gulp Missile, and to put it succinctly, this means that sometimes it tries to eat . you use surf or dive in battle with less than half of your Cramorant's HP, you will become the silliest Pokémon in the game, and yes, that's including Dudunsparce.

The great literature of the Pokédex entry reads as follows: “This Cramorant has accidentally gotten a lodged in its gullet. Cramorant is choking a little, but it isn't really bothered.” Cramorant's shiny variant is orange, which fans theorize is a reference to a not-super-anomalous occurence in which seagulls fall into vats of curry.

So, naturally, some of us Pokéfans were gutted when Cramorant didn't seem to make the to appear in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. To add insult to injury, the Paldea region is based off of the , a region which, according to a very quick Wikipedia search, does have cormorants.

Thankfully, the Pokémon Company has rectified it mistake. When The Teal Mask hits the on September 13, we will reunite with this absolutely bonkers bird. And maybe, just maybe, the game will finally allow us to change our clothes.

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